Flowers have the ability to transport your guests, set the mood and show some personality. I am a lover of all things flower and truly believe the investment is worth it. It takes a talented and patient florist to create your exact vision and also throw in their professional, creative touch. On average, you’ll want book your florist 8-9 months before the big day. You will need to have some things planned before talking with a florist so you can get an accurate quote.

The planning process can get overwhelming, so I teamed up with Ashleigh from Terra-Cotta Florals to get the key items you will need before having a consultation with your florist. Ashleigh is a creative, floral genius! She is passionate about flowers and her couples and goes above and beyond with each detail.

  • Know your color palette and overall style/theme of the wedding. This will allow the florist to get a clear vision of what you expect.
  • Know what general style you would like your flowers to look like. For example: boho, modern, tropical, wildflower, light and airy, lush & compact, etc.
  • Have your venue picked out before talking with a florist. All venues are different and it is very helpful with planning when you know what areas will be utilized.
  • Know how many tables you will have and what size/shape they will be. This is really important because there are very different prices and options for centerpieces based on the size and shape of the tables. Will you have Round tables? Long farm tables? Etc.
  • Know your floorplan and general layout of the tables. Will you have all long “kings” tables with 25+ guests sitting? Or will you have separate tables with 8-10 guests at each? Will you need florals for the bar or cake table? Etc.
  • If you have favorite flowers that you would like to incorporate, let the florist know so they can plan around that focal flower.
  • Tell your florist what flowers you absolutely do not want to see on your wedding day too. They want to make sure you love every detail!
  • Lastly, choose a florist you connect with the most. If you love their style and have confidence that they will bring your vision to life, go with them!

Know This Before Booking A Florist

March 16, 2021

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