Your wedding day is all about you and your design should include mementos of you as a couple. Create a unique wedding experience by personalizing each detail. This is where hiring a wedding planner becomes so crucial! As planners, we know which vendors will work best with your vision and which ones are reliable and reasonable. We are up to date on trends and know how to make your vision come true without added stress. There are many things you can customize to make your event special, and ultimately, these components will enhance the overall look of your big day. Check out these 11 creative ways to elevate your wedding!

Upgrade your chairs: The chairs you rent for your big day have the ability to bring your overall vision together. There are so many options! We know this can get pricey, so mix and match your chairs. Chiavari chairs tend to be less, so use these for ceremony and for your guest tables then upgrade to something nicer for your head table or sweetheart table. If you rather use the same style throughout your wedding, have your planner move the chairs from ceremony to your reception so you don’t have to spend on double the chairs. 

Some of my favorite rental companies in San Diego are: Adore Folklore & Catalog Atelier, Archive Rentals, Bright Event Rentals and TBD Rentals.

Upgrade your linen: Although some venues include basic white/ivory linen, I would recommend investing in nicer linens for your tables. I promise you this expense will be worth it! The weight and different textures of the linen will make your wedding appear sophisticated. Rent tablecloths longer than usual to create a more luxurious look. Look into linens with a fun texture or design for your cocktail tables to add some character! 

Some of my favorite linen rental companies are BBJ Linen, La Tavola and Creative Coverings. 

Fancy Napkins: Let your napkins speak for themselves! Whether you want patterned, silky or velvet, the napkin will add a special touch to each place. Fold in nicely as a pocket for your menu or a stylish knot off to the side. Another unique touch would be to include some kind of greenery or scented floral on each seat. This small detail can add a nice scent for each guest. 

Rent your napkins from the same place as your linen, as seen above.

Lounge Area: You will want to offer your guests an area to mingle and chat in between dance parties, dinner and dessert. This intimate area is a great way to bring two families together and fill empty space while also including your design and aesthetic. 

Rent your lounge area along with your chairs, tables and tabletop decor from your rentals vendor.

Use different table shapes: Breakup the reception area with different sized tables. The most common tables are round, rectangular and square. This also give you the chance to create different centerpieces and be creative with heights and sizes. 

Charger plates: A charger is a decorative plate you put under your other dishes. It’s not meant to be eaten off of, but to be used as decor to enhance your table. Choose a charger plate that compliments your theme and overall vision. Not only is a charger visually pleasing, but it also can be helpful with protecting your linen from spills and stains. 

You can rent charger plates from your favorite rentals company or purchase them in bulk online. Serene Events and Design also offers charger plates for their couples at a discounted rate! 

Candles & Holders: Candles are a MUST! They will give your wedding a romantic feel and create a gorgeous glow. There are so many beautiful options when it comes to candles and candle holders. From tall taper candles, to decorative votives… there is something to match your wedding vision. Another perk is that candles are less than florals and make stunning centerpieces! 

If you don’t want to purchase votives, many florists will have some you can use. Serene Events and Design also offers votives for their couples at a discounted rate. 

Stationary: Wedding stationary will definitely add to your overall theme and has the chance to incorporate special details. A menu on each place setting completes the table and place cards will allow your guests to feel included. Have your photographer style a flatly with your invitation and vows. This is another chance for your theme to shine. 

Reach out to a local calligraphy artist to custom design your stationary or check out Serene Events and Design couples receive 25-35% off designs! 

Music: Music sets the mood and overall energy of your wedding. Invest in a live musician for your ceremony and cocktail hour and then get the party started with a DJ for the reception portion. A live musician brings life and experience to your day. It’s also a form of entertainment for your guests and great conversation starter!

Craft cocktails: Craft cocktails truly bring elegance to your event. Don’t drink? Have your bartender make mocktails! This charming detail is full of color and fun and can also be meaningful as well. Create signature cocktails of your go to drink or name a cocktail after your furry friend!

Desserts: Bring on the sweets! Don’t worry if you aren’t a huge cake fan… there are so many other unique options to incorporate your dessert. Want the best of both worlds? Get a small cake to cut traditionally and offer other desserts to your guests as well. Personalize your sweet course by serving the dessert you had on your first date and embrace your wedding colors on your wedding cake!

11 Ways To Elevate Your Wedding

June 17, 2021

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