Is there really a difference between a wedding planner, wedding coordinator and venue coordinator? ABSOLUTELY! It’s best to know what you are wanting from your wedding professional so you can find someone who offers those services. It’s also important to know the differences when hiring so you are not disappointed or expecting something else. I am here to help you differentiate between the three! Let’s find out your best fit! 

Wedding Planner: A wedding planner is there with you from start to finish. They will help you through the planning process by booking a venue and vendors. They will be the point of contact when it comes to meetings and setting times and dates. A wedding planner is perfect for those who don’t have time to plan their wedding or have no idea where to start and need guidance. A wedding planner will organize all the details and also be present on the wedding day making sure everything goes as planned. Below is a list of duties of a wedding planner:

-Develop a design

-Create a budget and stay within budget

-Book vendors: florist, photographer, videographer, DJ, cater, etc.

-Book a venue

-Schedule meetings, walkthroughs, tastings and tours

-Arrange transportation for guests

-Administer timely payments for all vendors

-Create wedding day timeline

-Monitor wedding day and stay on time

-Communicate with all vendors and coordinate their drop off/pick up times & locations

-Wedding Coordinator duties

Wedding Coordinator: A wedding coordinator is great for the couples who have the planning process down but want to enjoy their actual wedding day by not having to worry about the day of details. A couple will meet with their day of coordinator to talk about the logistics of the day so they can take over. From there, the coordinator will be in contact with all vendors and confirm dates and times. They arrive to set up before the wedding and stay late to tear down. A wedding coordinator will make sure the day runs smoothly according to the timeline so you can enjoy the day with your guests. Here are some responsibilities of a wedding coordinator:

-Walkthrough venue

-Serve as point of contact for all vendors

-Set up/decorate space

-Ensure floor plan is correct

-Verify details like favors, seating chart, candles, place cards, etc.

-Confirm set up and protection of guest book, gift table and cards

-Direct events according to timeline making sure everything is on schedule

-Assist with guests and guest questions

-Respond to last minute changes/emergencies

Venue Coordinator: A venue coordinator is responsible for everything that deals with the venue. This typically includes tables, chairs, in house catering and linens. This means they will not help design or plan anything. If a venue is catering the wedding, one of their main goals will be to make sure staff and food is on time. They will not provide a wedding timeline, but they will often provide a timeline according to catering needs, like when food will be served. They will usually provide a preferred vendor list but they will not reach out to them for you. Some venues have multiple events going on that day, so you will not have your venue coordinator fully present. Below is a list of responsibilities for a venue coordinator:

-Open venue on wedding day

-Manage catering timeline

-Oversee setup of tables, chairs and flatware

-Ensure tables are correct in regards to the floor plan

-Verifies the space is presentable

-Present to answer any questions regarding the venue

Planners vs. Coordinators

October 2, 2020

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