Whether it is to save time, stay organized or stay on budget, we are here to help you in any way, shape or form. We are filled with wedding knowledge and want you to have an enjoyable experience. You should only be focused on your loved ones… so leave the logistics to us! Here are 10 reasons why you should hire a wedding planner:

1. We help you stay on budget- We know the average cost of vendors and your overall budget. We also know vendors who are in the area and who will fit your budget.

2. We save you time- Many people just don’t have time to plan a wedding with a full time job and other responsibilities. On average, couples spend 12 hours a week planning their wedding! With a planner, you can have that extra time back and the confidence you are not forgetting anything.

3. We have access to vendors that fit your theme and budget- We have vendor relationships and know who will fit your wedding. We want what is best for your big day, so you can trust us to choose the best vendor team who won’t fail.

4. You get to enjoy the day more- You don’t want to worry about setting up and executing an event on your wedding day. The day should be spent enjoying every second from getting ready to the final send off. Your guests should enjoy the day as well and not have to worry about what comes next.

5. No details are overlooked or forgotten. We are very organized!- It’s hard to handle everything on your own. A planner knows how to stay organized and what to focus on, what documents to hang on to and when to start planning.

6. We help with those no fun contracts- Contracts can get confusing and complicated. A planner deals with contracts all the time and will review them and make sure everything is correct.

7. We are always fresh of ideas and keep up with the wedding trends- A planner will offer fresh ideas regarding design and theme. It’s nice to have a professional set of eyes who is not only thinking creatively, but practically.

8. You constantly have a support system- It’s comforting knowing you always have a professional and friendly planner to lean on. We are here for all the questions, all the nerves and all the stress. We gladly take it all with a smile so you can think clearly on your wedding day.

9. We are a mediator it those sticky situations- In sticky situations, a planner can be a mediator and keep the peace between family members and vendors. We hope it never comes to this, but if it does, we will be here to clear the air and bond relationships.

10. We create an organized, detailed timeline so vendors and the wedding party know exactly where to go and what to do- A wedding day has vendors who need to know where to be and when to be there. A planner can create a day of timeline with every detail from when the cake will be arriving and where it will go to how long the cocktail hour will last. The details go on and on, so there is no one better to create an organized timeline than the planner!

Why You Need To Hire A Wedding Planner

September 2, 2020

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