Katie and Jake’s magical day unfolded at the Hilton Torrey Pines in La Jolla and we were privileged to be part of bringing their dream wedding to life. Collaborating closely with the bride, we crafted a design that perfectly captured their vision. Katie and Jake, along with their families, exuded kindness, making the journey truly special. Despite a rainy and foggy morning, the couple remained unwavering in their desire to have the ceremony at the stunning Hilton Torrey Pines ceremony location. With prayers and patience, the clouds eventually parted just in time for the ceremony. As guests arrived, the sun emerge and it turned out to be a flawless, sun-kissed affair. We couldn’t have been happier to witness and contribute to such a beautiful union. Join us as we share more enchanting details of this perfect day.

The day commenced with the ladies adorning stunning silk black dresses that radiated sophistication. Their classic green and white bouquets added an exquisite touch, creating a perfect harmony of elegance. As they prepared for the celebration, the combination of the sleek attire and timeless florals set the stage for a day filled with refined beauty and celebration.

Capturing groom photos before the wedding is a cherished tradition, highlighting the groom’s excitement for the day ahead. Our brides consistently express gratitude for these shots, as they provide a heartfelt glimpse into the groom’s emotions and serve as timeless mementos. Just take a look at how dapper our groom looks!

The rain and fog cleared just in time for guest arrival. The Hilton Torrey Pines hotel has a stunning ceremony location reminiscent of a European countryside, and we just had to have the ceremony here! It truly evokes an atmosphere of timeless elegance. The grand, sweeping aisle was complemented by the florals crafted by our talented florist. Guests were welcomed with live music, setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration.

After the ceremony, the wedding party snapped some photos. It was lovely to see everyone dressed elegantly in black, which made the bride stand out even more in her stunning white gown. And look at that beautiful sunshine! Just in time for cocktail hour.

As guests transitioned to cocktail hour, Katie and Jake seized the opportunity to explore the hotel grounds for their portraits. Nestled beside the picturesque Torrey Pines Golf Course, with a glimpse of the ocean in sight, it was an ideal moment for them to savor some quiet time together and bask in the magic of the occasion. Our photographer did a beautiful job capturing multiple backgrounds for the couple to enjoy.

Cocktail hour buzzed with vibrant attire worn by our guests, delightful cocktails crafted at the bar, and the sweet melodies of live music filling the air. Adding to the ambiance were elegant touches like an elegant white wall seating chart and sleek black-and-white acrylic bar signs, enhancing the charm of the gathering.

Our reception unfolded indoors, where we adorned the space with drapery—a tip we always suggest, especially if your ballroom’s walls are less than ideal. It truly has the power to transform your venue and whisk your guests away. Collaborating with Katie, we aimed for an atmosphere of timeless elegance, opting for a green and white palette with touches of gold accents. The lush, abundant flowers added to the charm, while our cake stole the spotlight, inspired by wedding dress designs. We also made sure to upgrade our chairs and dance floor, giving the room a sophisticated look.

The reception commenced with the couple’s enchanting first dance followed by the delightful cake cutting ceremony, accompanied by sparklers igniting the joyous festivities. Later in the evening, guests were treated to a delightful surprise as a saxophonist joined forces with our DJ, delivering an unforgettable and lively experience, ensuring everyone had the time of their lives.


Planning & Design: Serene Events and Design | Photographer: Pauline Conway Photography | Florist: Organic Elements | Bridal Makeup: Kyla Stuart Makeup | Bridal Hair: B. Styles Hair | Cake: Heritage & Co. | DJ: Sleeping Giant Music | Live Music: Better Half Duo | Saxophonist: Jason Whitmore | Rentals: San Diego Party Rentals, APR Rentals, The Chiavari Guys | Seating Chart: Sun Kissed Native | Venue: Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines | Videographer: Black Shutter Media

From Rain To Shine- A Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines Wedding

April 16, 2024

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