The Westgate Hotel in downtown San Diego is a romantic venue inspired by the Palace of Versailles in France. Located near the Gaslamp Quarter, it offers a perfect backdrop for weddings. The hotel’s award-winning culinary team is known for their attention to detail and flavorful expertise, ensuring a delightful dining experience. With a warm and hospitable atmosphere, it a fantastic choice for couples seeking an elegant and memorable celebration.

J & K’s magical union took place amidst the autumn splendor. The day begun in the bridal and groom’s suites, where every moment was meticulously captured by our exceptional photographer. From crucial detail shots to stunning portraits of our radiant bride, the day exuded a timeless charm. The bride’s choice of a headband added an extra touch of classic elegance that I absolutely adore.

Following their preparations in their rooms, the couple took a moment to capture some individual portraits. The Westgate Hotel provides stunning backdrops with its picturesque locations for photos. Each corner seemed to unveil a new world, creating a captivating journey through the lens of the camera. The resulting photos exude a timeless quality and undeniable elegance, showcasing the unique and enchanting atmosphere that the Westgate effortlessly conjures for these precious moments.

The first look unfolded as an exceptionally precious moment, creating an intimate atmosphere exclusively reserved for the bride and groom. In this quiet interlude, away from the hustle and bustle, the couple shared a profoundly personal connection that added an extra layer of significance to their special day. This private exchange of glances and emotions set the tone for the celebration, making it a uniquely tender and cherished part of their wedding experience.

The Westgate Hotel boasts a breathtaking staircase that truly transports you into a castle-like ambiance. I adore how our photographer skillfully captured shots from above, adding a touch of romance to the visual narrative. The sweeping view accentuates the majestic feel of the moment, making it even more enchanting and memorable.

From the dazzling chandeliers to the opulent gold accents and captivating artwork, the hotel offered a visual feast that beautifully complemented the couples portraits. Every corner seemed to unfold a new dimension of elegance, providing an abundance of stunning backdrops that effortlessly enhanced the romantic essence of the photos. The hotel’s exquisite details served as the perfect canvas, ensuring that each snapshot reflected the timeless beauty and grace of the occasion.

The wedding party and couple ascended to the rooftop to capture their group photos. Dressed in pristine black attire, the ladies and gentlemen provided a captivating backdrop that allowed the bride to effortlessly stand out as the focal point. The outdoor setting not only provided a fresh and picturesque environment but also bathed the scene in perfect natural lighting, enhancing the beauty of the moment and contributing to the overall radiance of the photographs.

The ceremony unfolded beneath a truly stunning and classic arch, meticulously crafted by our exceptionally talented florist. Ghost chiavari chairs were arranged for the guests, providing an elegant seating arrangement that perfectly complemented the overall aesthetic. To ensure comfort in the sunny weather, delicate fans were thoughtfully placed, adding a touch of practicality to the picturesque setting.

The cocktail hour was elevated by the soulful melodies of a saxophone player who gracefully meandered through the gathering of guests. As everyone sipped on delightful cocktails and savored tasty appetizers, the air buzzed with the conversation, laughter, and the anticipation of the rest of the evening to come. It was a delightful interlude that created a lively and memorable ambiance, setting the stage for the reception.

The reception was held in the Westgate’s grand ballroom, adorned with beautiful chandeliers and hardwood floors. Tables were adorned with lovely flowers and candles, boasting two different centerpieces for a bit of variety, a deliberate choice to infuse the room with dynamic elegance and dimensional charm. This thoughtful selection aimed to showcase a variety of floral arrangements, bringing the entire room to life with a captivating sense of diversity and visual richness.

A champagne tower moment is always a must! The bride and groom kicked off the reception and dinner with some fun and bubbly festivities.

Towards the end of the night, the bride and groom were whisked away for some additional photos. With a bottle of bubbly in hand, they hopped into the elevator to capture some adorable moments. The added touch of sunglasses created a playful and memorable conclusion to their special day.

And, of course, it was time to let loose and celebrate! The guests reveled in the joy of the dance floor, where the soulful serenade of the saxophone added an unforgettable musical backdrop. The bride and groom gracefully danced the night away, creating the ideal conclusion to a truly perfect day.


Planning & Design: Serene Events and Design | Photographer: Carrie McGuire Photography | Venue: The Westgate Hotel | Florist: Mr. Floral & Events | Beauty: Hair & Makeup by Hana | Photo booth: Pixster | DJ & Saxophone: Tyler Varnell Music | Chair Rentals: The Chiavari Guys | Videography: Kelly Collective Films

A Timeless Affair At The Westgate Hotel

February 20, 2024

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