Ahh yes… the first dance. My personal favorite moment of the wedding day. This song will kick off your wedding and your marriage. It stays with you forever. Whenever it’s played, you will remember your love and all the butterflies you felt on your big day. It’s a special song and I suggest you take time in choosing something unique to you as a couple. Finding the right song can be tough though. There is an overwhelming amount of love songs within different genres. Do you want a slow or quick song? Country or jazz? Follow these tips when planning your first dance!

Choosing A Song

To get an idea of what kind of song you want to choose, I recommend you head over to Spotify. They have so many different first dance playlists. Browse through them with your love and have fun! If you both love a certain genre or artist or band, choose a song that reflects that. It’s a personal experience listening to lyrics and songs and figuring out which one you want together. Click here to check out Korina’s favorite first dance songs!


Once you have your song chosen, play it through and find out where you want your DJ or band to fade out the song. I typically recommend to my couples they play their first dance song for about 1 minutes and 30 seconds. Most couples aren’t professional dancers and don’t want to be dancing for too long. Make it short, sweet and meaningful. Another thing to think about is when you want your first dance to take place. I suggest my couples do their first dance right after their grand entrance or right after toasts along with the other traditional dances like the father daughter dance and mother son dance.

You Got This!

It can get overwhelming thinking of all the eyes on you during your first dance, especially if you aren’t a performer. For my couples who are feeling unsure, I encourage them to take a dance class to get acquainted with different moves and the dance floor. Taking a dance class is the perfect date idea and will get you both excited for the wedding day! Once you gain some experience and confidence on the dance floor, you’ll be ready to take on your first dance. Focus on your loved one and the meaning behind the song. It’s quick so you don’t want to miss the wonderful feeling and beauty of the moment!

First Dance Songs and Tips

March 4, 2022

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