National guidelines have requested no more than 10 people for mass gatherings due to COVID-19. As a result, many couples have been forced to postpone their weddings. As if a wedding didn’t bring enough stress on its own, you are now having to juggle different vendors, inform your guests, change the date and overall make quick decisions you are not completely confident on. It’s okay to feel upset and sad over this loss and you should take the time to relax and focus on you are your loved one. Spend time on doing things for yourself and one another while staying physically and mentally healthy. We need that more than ever right now. When you begin to sort everything out, remember this feeling and situation is temporary and you are surrounded by incredible resources and wedding pros.  Below, I have listed some tips on postponing your big day. Know that I am here to answer any questions or simply be someone to vent to. We are all going to get through this! We will come out stronger than before. I’m positive if you take this time to focus on what is important, like the love you have for your future spouse, you too will come out stronger.

Talk to your wedding planner:

If you don’t have a planner, now is a good time to get one. We can provide a customized list of what needs to be done and take care of calls and emails. We can also help navigate vendor contracts and wedding insurance. Any other questions and concerns that come up along the way can be answered and handled so stress levels are at an all time low.


Contact your vendors and venue:

You will want to contact your venue first as this will determine your new date. From there, you will want to contact your vendors. Most vendors are familiar with postponing events and will be supportive and flexible as much as they can. Best scenario possible, you find a date everyone can work. If not, you will have to make the difficult decision in finding a new vendor who can work the new date. Keep in mind vendors and venues are having to postpone many events at this time and you may need to be patient when contacting them and finalizing details. 


Review wedding insurance:

If you secured wedding insurance, then you will want to review the terms. Does it cover postponement or cancellation fees? What circumstances are covered? Reach out to your insurance agent and find out if anything will be covered. 


Inform your guests:

Talk to your close friends and family first so they can help you come to a decision on the new date. You will want to try and find a date that works for the wedding party and close relatives. When you decide on a final date, inform your guests. There are different ways to let your guests know.

  1. Call guests- this one may take a lot of time depending on how big your event is

  2. Mass text or email- quick and safe (Digital invitation)

  3. Notify guests via wedding website- you can choose to let guests know on your website but some may not get alerts.

  4. New wedding stationary

I would recommend you changing your wedding website and sending a mass email to everyone. 


Help your guests:

Some guests may have to change travel and hotel plans. If you have a room block, talk to the venue and see if you can get a full refund or partial refund. Be there for your guests and be understanding of their situation. 


Be flexible:

Keep an open mind when working with your guests, vendors and venue. You may not have all your guests make the new date, and that’s okay.  You will want to be flexible when it comes to the date. Consider changing your Saturday wedding to a different day. If you choose a day during the week, your vendors are more likely to be able to work the new day. 

Celebrate the day:

Don’t let the day get you down! It’s the perfect day to celebrate your love. Although many places are closed right now, there are so many fun options to honor the day. Spend the day relaxing together watching your favorite movies. Order take out, pop open a bottle of wine and eat something sweet! Find a meaningful way to celebrate with your loved one and be thankful for them and the extra time you have together. No matter when or where your wedding takes place, it all comes down to the love you share and your story.

Postponing Your Wedding

March 31, 2020

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